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Reverse Flow Offset Smokers

About Radar Hill Smokers

All Radar Hill Smokers are manufactured by Maxworthy Fabrication in our factory in north Brisbane (QLD, Australia) and have been carefully designed and crafted to the highest standard to last you a lifetime.

We are passionate about BBQ, and will go above and beyond to ensure your smoker is exactly what you imagined, and more. We’re confident your custom built smoker will make you the envy of your mates and/or customers!

We can pack and ship your beloved smoker anywhere in Australia, including straight to your door. Simply provide us with your postcode for a delivery quote.

Radar Hill smokers was born out of the love of low and slow American style BBQ. Since 2014, we have been working hard to develop a great range of smokers to suit the Aussie lifestyle. With a Radar Hill barbeque smoker, you can allow your taste buds to explore the flavours of BBQ that the Americans have experienced and developed since the invention of fire and cooked meat.

All Radar Hill Smokers are manufactured by Maxworthy fabrication in our factory in north Brisbane and have been carefully designed and crafted to the highest standard. Our quality barbecue smokers are a lifetime investment, guaranteed to keep you sizzling and smoking mouthwatering barbecues for years to come.

Our Range

When it comes to a Radar Hill Smokers, the options are endless! Our barbecue smokers come in a diverse range that caters to all your barbecue needs.

If you are new to the barbecue smoking game, the ’16 smoker’ makes for the perfect backyard barbecue to introduce you and your family to the world of low and slow American style BBQ. This little cooker is bound to be the talk of the neighbourhood and make a real statement at your next backyard get together. With the addition of the over firebox grill, the 16” smoker is a great all-rounder. It comes with a range of features including two large removable cooking racks and a ball valve drain making it easy to clean. It also includes a flip-up stainless steel BBQ lid and a removable chimney for easy transport and storage. Impress your guests at your next backyard barbecue by smoking low and slow BBQ style, sear tender juicy steaks or grill your much-loved favourites.

For the more serious barbecue smokers out there Radar Hill Smokers also includes a wide range of competition grade smokers. These are great for backyard barbecues but also come in larger sizes for catering and commercial use. These larger models will make a big difference to your business, allowing you to create an unbeatable flavour that gives you an edge and is guaranteed to make you stand out from your competitors.

Outside of the standard Radar Hill Smokers’ range, we can also custom build your dream smoker to any size you have your heart set on. No matter what your barbecue smoking needs are, we will ensure we provide you with the perfect smoker that is right for you.

The Reverse Flow Smoker system.

Radar Hill Smokers use the reverse flow smoker system which is key to achieving that terrific low and slow barbeque flavour. The reverse flow system on our barbeque smokers works to even out the temperature throughout the cooker. The heat enters the smoking chamber and travels under a sealed plate in the cooking area. the smoke then enters the cooking chamber on the opposite side of the smoker and drafts back towards the firebox at the end. The heat is used twice in the reverse flow system. Your meat will be sizzled and seared to perfection adding flavour and moister that will give it a tender consistency and taste beyond compare.


For those wanting to take their barbeque smokers on the road, Radar smokers build custom trailers. Our standard trailers include 20” single axle, 24” single axle and 30” single or dual axle. A custom made Radar Hill Smoker trailer will allow you to tow your pride and joy with ease.

Optional extras

When it comes to Radar hill smokers we’ve thought of everything. Our extensive optional extras range provides you with the opportunity to fully maximise the potential of your barbeque smoker. You can add a lockable storage box to keep your barbeque unit and utensils fully secure. You can also add a stainless steel preparation benches as well as a hot and cold water sinks to make your over-all barbeque experience easier. The All of these optional extras and more can be included in your barbeque smoker unit upon request.


No matter where you are in Australia, we can pack and ship your smoker straight to your door. All you have to do provide us with your postcode and we’ll provide you will delivery quote.

We at Radar Hill Smokers are passionate about barbeques and will go above and beyond to ensure your smoker is exactly what you imagined, and more. We are confident your custom designed and smoker will impress your customers and be the envy of your mates.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Radar Hill family and start smoking your bbq ‘low and slow down under today. Contact us for a personal quote and experience the friendly and professional service at Radar Hill Smokers.

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