Being ‘low and slow BBQ addicts’ is a tough job. We are always on the hunt for the next level in smoking and its a very steep learning curve. Through the National BBQ Wars champions ‘The Meat Sweats’ our team ‘Brisbane BBQ Mafia’ were introduced to what we feel is the next level. Being QLDers, its just great to have a local company building quality Reverse Offset Smokers in Brisbane (Redcliffe). Radar Hill Smokers are the ‘new kids on the block’ but have a sensational offering. 16, 20 and 24 inch reverse offset smokers, trailer models, Rob can do the lot, he actually prefers to sit down and talk to you about your needs.

The Brisbane BBQ Mafia use a Radar Hill 20 inch reverse offset smoker as their main weapon of choice and the results have been amazing. We use a mix of charcoal and wood or wood alone depending on what we are doing and how much smoke we need. The temperature across the cooking barrel is very consistent and once up to temperature, is very easy to keep control of. We have catered for 100 with the Radar Hill and the look of having an authentic smoker onsite ‘wows’ the crowd.

Andrew Walliker – Brisbane BBQ Mafia

Having designed , built and run a few different types of smokers I know we now have an awesome package in this Radar Hill reverse flow offset cooker. The even heat distribution through the main cooking chamber and consistency of hold temperature coupled with the 6mm plate steels ability to retain heat and even operate in the rain make this an easy and efficient cooker.

Easy due to the simplistic yet effective design of the cooker and efficient due to its solid 6mm plate steel construction retaining heat and getting back up to temperature even after the door is opened. I truly have no hesitation recommending this cooker it will be something you can enjoy cooking on for the rest of your life.

Vaughan Bruton – The Meat Sweats

The Radar Hill reverse flow offset smoker is an an absolute beast to cook on. The reverse flow design means that the temperature difference from end to end in the cook chamber is minimal. The smokers are built out of 1/4 inch plate steel and hold their temperature in any weather, even putting up with some rain. The heat inertia in that much solid steel gives you temperature recovery within minutes when opening the lid.

The direct sear lid on the firebox means you can sear off the most amazing wood fired steak and direct barbecue anything you’d normally throw on your gas barbecue. You can run the smoker fully low and slow at 200f, or hotter for smaller cuts like chicken right up at 350f. There’s room inside the 20 inch smoker for six pork butts or four briskets, and still plenty of room on the top shelf for ribs and chicken. Temperature control is intuitive, with accurate gauges making airflow titration into the firebox basic to master. The Radar Hill Smokers cook delicious barbecue reliably, are easy to start and to manage, and are well and truly worth considering if you’re in the market for an offset or any other type of indirect barbecue or smoker.

Mitch Morse – The Meat Sweats

I have recently purchased a Radar Hill 20” unit.

The reverse flow design keeps consistent temps from end to end allowing me to work with a full cooking chamber without the need for moving food around. The stainless steel firebox grill option is a must in my opinion, giving amazing results with everything from reverse searing, to simply flame grilling meats and burgers over coals. Being in the market for a smoker for some time, I was looking for a high quality build, great heat retention and predictable fuel consumption. My Radar Hill delivered just that!

Last but certainly not least it’s a hand crafted, Australian made unit built to last a lifetime.

Dean Terranova

Since acquiring our Radar Hills Smoker, the anti has been up’d! Solid build, reverse flow, holds temperature perfectly and looks the like the duck’s nuts! If you are after a smoker, look no further than Radar Hill Smokers.

Nathan Zukerman
Ze Pickle